Cambria Bartlett
Minister of Meaning, Awful Dynne, Lethargian

The Phantom Tollbooth is Cambria’s seventh show at Arapahoe and her second time performing in the drama club show, and she couldn’t be more excited. Her favorite show she has been a part of is School of Rock. She would like the thank her wonderful family, her adorable dog, and lots of coffee for always supporting her in her endeavors. Enjoy the show!

Jake Boase
King Azaz

This is Jake Boase’s 3rd show at Arapahoe and he is super excited to play the king of words. He’d like to thank his wonderful parents and Ari for all the super support.

Adelle Bultema
The Dodecahedron

This is Adelle's second show at Arapahoe High School, and she is very excited to be on stage again after. She hopes that you enjoy her two-faced performance... actually 12 faced performance! Adelle hopes you enjoy the show!

Abbie Clark

This is Abbie’s first show at Arapahoe acting! She would like to thank her sister Caroline for encouraging her to do theater. Also shout out to Company 19-20, get pumped.

Cathy DeVoe
The Letterman

This will be Cathy’s fourth show at Arapahoe and she can’t wait to perform with such an amazing cast. She would like to thank her friends for supporting her and her parents for always allowing her such great opportunities to grow and learn 

Megan Gross

This is Megan's 3rd show at Arapahoe, and 2nd on stage. She is delighted to work with this cast and crew, and hopes you will enjoy the show! 

Tim Hamer

Being Tim's 2nd show at Arapahoe, he's glad to have one last theatre production before graduation. With this show he aimed to capture the essence of being part of the set and also to just have a lot of fun. 

Haku Haystead
Tock/The Clock

This is Haku’s 4th and final show at AHS. This is also his first lead role. He would like to thank his theatre family for the constant love and support. Haku wishes he didn’t have to graduate so he could continue doing shows with them. He would also like to thank his family and friends for always pushing him and supporting him to do what he loves. 

Lauryn Hendricks
Spelling Bee, Lethargian

This is Lauryn’s 2nd show at Arapahoe. She is currently a senior and is going to The University of Northern Colorado in the fall of 2019. She is so excited for everyone to see the show, and would like to thank all her family and friends for their support. Enjoy the show!!

Julia Juergens
Demon of Insincerity

The is Julia's 4th show at Arapahoe, 3rd in the cast! She is so excited to be a part of The Phantom Tollbooth, and she even more excited to make a full circle to Brothers Grimm where she was a merchant and a demon as well! She thanks her parents, her friends, and Shelly for allowing her to do what she loves!

Abby Kilbarger

This is Abby Kilbargers first show acting at Arapahoe as a freshmen! She is very excited and thankful to be apart of the show and the department. Through this past year getting to know the theater department was a very awesome and welcoming experience for high school. She can’t wait to see what the next years of high school will be like and the shows she will part take in!

Autumn Martin
A Page, Lethargian

Autumn is ecstatic to be in her second show at Arapahoe. She wants to thank her family and friends for all of their support through this. Most of all, she would like to thank the rest of the cast and crew for all the work they have done to make this a great show and for allowing her the chance to meet such wonderful people whom she considers very near and dear to her heart. She hopes you enjoy the show and sends love to everyone. 

Jackson McNurlen

Jackson is very excited to be taking such a huge role in The Phantom Tolbooth. This is the second show he has ever had experience in, and hopes to keep acting in many more to come. 

Bianca Meske
Earl of Essence, Lethargian

This is Bianca’s third show at Arapahoe. She is so happy to be part of The Phantom Tollbooth and hopes you enjoy!! (Buy her book “One Major Detail” on Amazon!!)

Elise Miles-Colthup
Undersecretary of Understanding

This is Elise’s second show at Arapahoe and she is very excited to be acting as well as working with such amazing people. She wants to thank her parents and siblings for helping her to pursue her love for theater.

Tiernan Palmer
The Gatekeeper, Word Merchant

Tiernan is so glad to be in the drama club show again. He started out acting in the drama club show last year and is happy the school continued the tradition for The Phantom Tollbooth.

Reagan Peterson
Princess  Rhyme

This is Reagan's second show at Arapahoe and she is so excited to be a part of this amazing team. She wants to say a quick thank you to her friends, family and God for all of their love and support. 

Andy Sameshima
The Whetherman, Count of Connotation

The Phantom Tollbooth is Andy's second show to have performed in at Arapahoe High School. He would like to thank his parents for supporting him through the process and all the amazing friends he has met throughout the show. He is so glad to have this opportunity and can't wait to preform.     

Austin Sellers

Austin is very happy to have been apart of this show! This is her 6th show that she has worked on at AHS, and she looks forward to many more. She would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her always. 

Jessica Snodgrass
Princess Reason

Jessica is very honored to be a part of this amazing production. She would like to thank all her family and friends for helping her on this amazing path.

Makenzie Tenney
The Wordsnatcher, Lethargian

This is Makenzie's 3rd time being involved in a show at Arapahoe, and her 1st speaking role. She would like to thank Ari for casting her and always being supportive. She would also like to thank her friends and family for their support. Thanks for coming, and enjoy the show! 


Ari Cruz

Ari is in her senior year at Arapahoe. This show was the first show she had ever done and she was so grateful to have the opportunity for this to be her last. This experience has helped her learn and grow so much and she hopes you love it as much as she does. She wants to thank her cast, crew, family, and friends for all the support she’s recieved. She will be attending the University of Northern Colorado in the fall. 

Ashley Mowle
Stage Manager

This is Ashley's fourth show at Arapahoe and first show as stage manager. She would like to thank her friends and family for their continued support in making the show a great experience.

Kate Scadden
Assistant Stage Manager

This is Kate's fifth show at Arapahoe. She's loved taking a break from lights and sound to become assistant stage manager. Kate is so excited for everyone to see the hard work put into this show and hopes you enjoy!

AJ Corless
Technical Director

This is AJ's fourth show here at Arapahoe. She's more than excited to see how this show will bring smiles and laughs on people's faces. AJ is most proud of how the tower and the Doldrums turned out. AJ wishes the actors good luck! Goodbye goobye goodbye goodbye... GooOODbYE!!!

Zachary Caylor
Production Supervisor

Caylor is primarily a stage manager, with credits including Grease, School of Rock, and The T.E.S.T., as well as Crazy for You with Englewood Parks & Rec. He helped here and there with The Phantom Tollbooth, especially by giving unsolicited advice, and thus received a bio. In the fall, he will be attending a Emerson College to pursue a BFA in stage and production management. @zcaylor


Paige Canetto
Run Crew

This will be Paige's 5th show at Arapahoe. She has participated on construction crew, lighting and sound crew, and run crew. She is excited to participate and contribute to this great show and is so proud of all of the other techies! (and the actors too, I guess)

Alicia Keiffer

Alicia is very excited to be doing lights for The Phantom Tollbooth. Previously, she has been on lighting and sound crew for the fall play and run crew for Grease. She can't wait to explore more technical positions next year and would like to thank her mom and her cactus Simon for always being there for her.

Amber Kou
Technical Advisor

Amber is like the real-world equivalent of a video game protagonist, but badly executed. She only has a few distinguishing physical traits, like the constant layer of paint and sawdust on her arms, and her catchphrase is, "I lost my train of thought." She can often be found eating chalk. Special thanks go to her family and her two remaining brain cells.

Maya Kwiatkowski
Technical Advisor

Maya is thrilled to be a part of tech for this show for a change! Enjoy this show with such an incredibly talented cast!

Anna Maji

Anna is very excited to be doing tech work for her 7th show at Arapahoe! She would like to thank her family & friends for all for their consistent support. Enjoy the show!